Rebel Without A Flaw

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Brian Gibson Stars as the Young Hollywood Bad Boy of Adult Film

By Phil Bessimer

Since making his debut five months ago in a solo film on, 19-year old Brian Gibson has made a splash in the adult world, winning fans with his pouty lips, sly smile, floppy hair and innocent baby blues.  Brian’s boy next door looks mixed with his seemingly disaffected attitude have been likened to hunky Hollywood pinups from River Phoenix to James Dean, but he says he’s not as rebellious as people assume that he is.  “When I’m not filming you can catch me doodling or singing in the shower,” he laughs.  He believes an eventual move to New York is in the cards, but for now, Wisconsin is his home and that is where we caught up with him. 

How do you feel about being called the James Dean of adult film? 

It’s flattering! A little embarrassing, too, as I’m not very familiar with his work. When my hair was longer, I would often be told that I look like Leonardo DiCaprio, but I never saw it.

James Dean is best known for the film, Rebel without a Cause.  Would you consider yourself rebellious? 

I think I feel a lot more rebellious than I actually am. Joining Helix Studios is pretty much the most rebellious thing I’ve done. 

How did you find your way into adult film?

It was all very sudden. I started webcamming to pay rent, and the next thing I knew, I was flying out to Helix Studios in Las Vegas. 

Why Helix, specifically? 

I was familiar with their films.  The guys are hot and I thought I would be a good fit. 

Before appearing in adult film, did you watch it? 

Yes!  Brandon from SeanCody is one of my all-time crushes.

Were you a cool kid growing up?

No, growing up I was such an oddball.   I attended private, religious schools my entire educational career.  It was a strange environment for a queer kid to grow up in.   I think people thought I might have a couple screws loose but I never cared. I was definitely a target for bullying, though.

Would friends from home be shocked to know what you do today?

Word spreads fast, so I’m sure many people know and are shocked, but I honestly don’t keep up with many of them. Today, I’m so grateful to have open minded people around me.

Where do you call home these days? 

I’m still living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I was born and raised, but I’m on my own, living with roommates. 

What is like to be a young, gay guy in the age of COVID?

There isn’t too much going on at the moment. Pride was always something I looked forward to and this summer has felt a little empty without it, but I’m managing to have some fun. 

What do you do for fun?

I’m pretty creative, so I’m kind of always doing something different. I like to always have little projects going on to keep me motivated. 

What would your fans be most surprised to learn about you?

I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18.  I was a late bloomer. 

Which of your films are you most proud of?

We just filmed a fun double penetration scene and I feel like a real badass now.  Like I have earned a bit of a bragging rights (laughing).

Do you have a bff at Helix? 

I don’t have a best friend, but I will say that Alex Riley is the most fun, energetic person you’ll ever meet.  I don’t see the guys as much as I wish I did.  It’s always really fun when I do and easy to pick up where we left off.

Who would you like to have a scene with? 

My lips are sealed! But I will admit that I’d rather film with someone down to earth than someone mega-hot.

Will you stay in adult film or is Helix a step to something else?

I can definitely see porn leading me to other things. I’d love to have my own business in the future but for now, I like having the flexibility and freedom.

Do you have a special message for your fans this Fall?

Just be true to yourself and live authentically.  It’s worked so far for me!

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