Hey Girl Hey!

Holler Poodles!
Summer is sizzling and so is my ass in this tiny whiteish thong I’m wearing. FENUXE Magazine recently sent me to check out a new amusement park (I think its a rip off but I’m not sure) called 3 Flags Over Here. Located in beautiful downtown Jonesboro, it offers an affordable alternative to Six Flags along with some interesting variations on some well known rides. This particular day they were celebrating their unofficial “Gay Day” called Hey Girl Hey Day.

Since it was hot as hell, I decided a wet ride would be a great way to start the day. Bad idea! Their version of Thunder River called Storm Sewer was horrific. Now any other day of the week if you told me I would be entering a manhole I would be thrilled. Not today , I got stuck trying to enter so my cousin Selma B. Hole had to jump on my shoulders to get me through. We both fell through and landed on an old tire and proceeded through a tunnel. As we began to emerge from the darkness, a beautiful arc of showers greeted our exit from the abyss. We began to scream as I realized it was a latrine and they were relieving themselves on us. I acted like was disgusted! We moved along to the next tunnel through countless feet inches of muck to come out the next manhole covered in gunk. I was relieved there were people showering as I came to the surface and got under the warm shower only to realize there was only an elephant and no outdoor plumbing.

Next, Selma ushered me off to their version of Monster Plantation called “A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing” which was surprisingly entertaining. Throughout the ride, there were scary wolves everywhere trying to take away the rights of citizens. But as we moved through the scene, we could see the faces of notorious politicians that were the actual wolves and the citizens took back their voice and dethroned them. Woo Hoo! Thrilling!

We then ventured to their version of the Flying Dutchman–the ride that’s like a pirate ship on steroids. Because the seats were so small, Selma sat right behind me so we had room to sprawl. Well, unfortunately for her, with each pendulous sway of the ship, my boobs fell out of my tube top and kept hitting her face. Selma had to be rushed to urgent care because she had two black eyes, several concussions and mouth full of f***ed up teeth which she had before but she’s trying to sue the insurance company so don’t say anything!

We’ll go back another day to finish this story. Until then…

Love and Lashes,

Mary Edith Pitts

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