Consistent Assignment is the foundation for individualized care. It’s all about relationships. Having consistent assignments allows staff to know residents intimately, to anticipate their needs, recognize even slight changes in their condition, and know what interventions will work when any problems arise.

Resources on Consistent Assignment:

  1. Bullet Consistent Assignment Tip Sheet, an advanced how-to

  2. Bullet A Case for Consistent Assignment, by Farrell, Frank, Brady, McLaughlin, and Gray, Provider Magazine, June 2006.

  3. Bullet Consistent Assignment Change Idea, developed by Farrell, Brady, McLaughlin, and Frank for Quality Partners of Rhode Island.

  4. Bullet From Institutional to Individualized Care, Part Two. Sandy Godfrey, Director of Nursing at St. Camillus Health Center in Whitinsville, MA, interviews staff, residents and families about their experience of implementing consistent assignment (longer version of interviews can be viewed below.)

  5. Bullet From Institutional to Individualized Care, Part Four. Several administrators, Directors of Nursing, nurses, CNAs, families, and residents talk about the benefits of consistent assignment and the issues they faced in putting it in place.

  6. Bullet Film, below, shows St. Camillus Health Center, Whitinsville, MA residents, families and staff discuss consistent assignment with Sandy Godfrey, Director of Nursing.

Time: 11 min. 32 sec.

Excerpt from  From Institutional to Individualized Care Part Four

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