Do your current attendance policies and practices promote stability or contribute to instability? In this excerpt, two administrators talk about their uncommon approaches to common problems, and the how these approaches promote attendance and contribute to stability:

  1. Bullet Loren Salvietti, Administrator at Quaboag-on-the-Common, West Brookfield, MA, realized that under her attendance policy, she was losing too many good staff people facing stresses in their personal lives. She reoriented her policy to work with people as they faced stresses. She not only reduced terminations due to attendance; she also reduced her unscheduled absences.

  2. BulletDavid Farrell, NHA, talks about the benefits to employees and employers of staffing to steady hours, and the negative consequences of staffing to census. He makes the business case for staffing to regular consistent hours rather than dropping hours if the census falls.

Resources on Attendance:

  1. Bullet Excerpt from Staff Stability Tool-kit on Attendance, Scheduling, and Assignments.doc.

  2. Bullet Drill-down Tools from Staff Stability Tool-kit, including:

  3. Worksheet 7 - Absenteeism

  4. Worksheet 8 - Call-In Log

  5. Bullet Click here for Staff Stability Tool-kit

Time: 15 min. 02 sec.

Excerpt from  From Institutional to Individualized Care Part Four

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