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This film is a tribute to the staff of Louisiana’s nursing homes who brought thousands of residents safely through the storm and its aftermath. They displayed extraordinary courage and compassion. We are grateful for their commitment and their dedication.

This film was produced by Cathie Brady and Barbara Frank of B&F Consulting, and Susan Wehry, MD, as the second phase of work this team did to support nursing home staff after Katrina through the New Orleans Nursing Home Staffing Project. The team worked with nursing homes in the Greater New Orleans area over a three year period to help them through the emergency and its aftermath, to recovery and stability.

The project and film were paid for by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals with funds from the Nursing Home Residents’ Trust Fund. The project was administered by the State of Louisiana Long Term Care Ombudsman Program in collaboration with Gulf States Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, the Louisiana Nursing Home Association, the Department of Health and Hospitals, and Louisiana Health Care Review.

The film, and an accompanying facilitators’ guide, will be available for purchase at cost through the Louisiana State Ombudsman Linda Sadden. Contact her at lasadden@goea.la.gov.

The experiences of nursing home staff during Katrina hold lessons for us all. Their stories echo countless untold stories of courage, creativitiy, and commitment to residents. Their good practices contributed to staff stability in the midst of chaos. Individuals shared their stories knowing that others in the country may face similar challenges. They relived difficult experiences in the hope of helping others.

Hear more about their courage and heroism in the face of enormous difficulty, and what they have to say about leadership:


Katrina’s Unsung Heroes

The Big Uneasy

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Extraordinary Courage

Lessons in Leadership

Time 10 min. 01 sec.

Time 8 min. 09 sec.

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Susan Wehry, MD, Burlington, VT

Linda Sadden, State Long Term Care Ombudsman, Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs, LA

For  educational programs offered on disaster preparedness based on the Katrina experience, contact Cathie Brady or Barbara Frank of B&F Consulting.

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Susan Wehry, MD, Burlington, Vermont

Linda Sadden, State Long Term Care Ombudsman, Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs, Louisiana

Comments from viewers

  1. BulletWonderful film.  I think it will make a big difference with making a good team!

  2. BulletDidn't realize the devastation some nursing homes went through and how they all pulled together.

  3. BulletThis year will be my first time experiencing refugees and hurricanes...Everything you offered has helped me.

  4. BulletVideo hit home.

  5. BulletVideo was great, seeing actions of facilities that were in danger during the hurricane.

  6. BulletThe compassion throughout the film is very comforting. 

Several thousand nursing home residents were safely sheltered through Hurricane Katrina. Learn what staff experienced as they courageously braved the dangers and unknowns of the storm and its aftermath.

Emergencies can happen anywhere.  The lessons learned from Katrina, during the storm and its protracted aftermath, have universal applicability.

The heroism of nursing home staff provides lessons in humanity and courage. The leadership practices that prepared staff to rise to the challenges exemplify the best in leadership, in emergencies and also in daily operations.

Produced by

Cathie Brady & Barbara Frank, B&F Consulting

Susan Wehry, MD

Gary Allen, Louisiana Public Broadcasting

to View Whole Movie Time 47 min. 48 sec.The_Big_Uneasy__Katrinas_Unsung_Heroes_files/BigUneasy.m4v

Click here for movie review by Elise Nakhnikian

Susan ~ Cathie ~ Barbara ~ Linda

Susan ~ Cathie ~ Barbara ~ Linda

Click for  Psychological Emergency Preparedness.pdf by Susan Wehry, MD

NOLA team with Film Contributors at Premier of The Big Uneasy, New Orleans, June 23, 2009

  1. To view sections:

  2. Introduction

  3. Time: 2 min. 50 sec.

  4. Part One: you can’t just hope for the best

Time 26 min. 22 sec.

Part Two: Sharing What Works

Time 18 min. 49 sec.

For  educational programs on emergency preparedness based on the Katrina experience, contact Cathie Brady or Barbara Frank of B&F Consulting.