AID Atlanta wins big at FENUXE’s Best Bachelor of Atlanta Auction

Berlin Sylvestre, Staff Writer

Atlanta, you’ve done it again!

Because of your consistent and amazing generosity, thousands of people affected with HIV/AIDS will be receiving even better treatment and life-saving medications. Through your donations, and from the proceeds from our “Atlanta’s Best Bachelors” auction — in which 11 singles who were chosen by our readers were auctioned off to the highest bidders — AID Atlanta can now add $16,835 to their available funds and it’s all because of you.

“We are very pleased with the Best Bachelor results!” Anna Leary, special events coordinator for the Atlanta Cotillion, tells FENUXE. “We are truly humbled by all of FENUXE’s hard work and we really appreciate it.  This money will go a long way to help those in our community infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.”

The diverse and dapper regulars came out, partying alongside the friends and family of our bachelors, packing Burkhart’s (our gracious host for the evening) and making our favorite pub the place to be Saturday night. The drinks were flowing, the laughs were abundant, and the atmosphere was fantastically convivial.

Those who donated $40 to AID Atlanta were given the VIP treatment that included culinary delights from No Mas Cantina, as well as an arrangement of fresh veggies, meats, cheeses and savory pasta salads, courtesy of Jo Ellen Catering. Awarded with two free Svedka Vodka drinks as well, our VIP were given upstairs access, reserved specifically for them.

For the viewing pleasure of all, the bachelors were placed on a stage in the rear patio. A prize wheel loaded with goodies and a ticket raffle was set up, giving partygoers multiple chances to win prizes ranging from cutting-edge (and rather sexy!) underwear to major discounts on liposuction and cosmetic treatments.  

The highest bidders for each bachelor received an enviable bounty of loot provided by our incredibly generous and socially conscious sponsors, including free Colony Square Athletic Club personal training sessions, a bottle of Clique Vodka, passes to Blackjack Mountain Inn, and a nice bottle of wine, among other enviable winnings.

Uber car services was there to grant a half-priced ride to anyone in need of a ride home and valet attendants were on hand to park and retrieve the cars of those preferred to let a professional arrange the parking.

The party was a huge success and we owe it to the hard work and contributions of all our sponsors. Since this is one of our annual events for charity, we hope you’ll consider nominating one of single bachelors (male or female) for next year’s bash, or perhaps just swinging by to select from our menu of hotties you’d like to take on a date. Not only is the party a kick-ass time, you’re helping raise money that helps alleviate the pain and stress of people who are trying to maintain a healthy, happy life in spite of a notoriously complicated disease.

From the depths of our hearts, FENUXE and AID Atlanta wants you to know we couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you, Atlanta!