Anti-Gay Bill Vetoed in Arizona

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the controversial bill SB 1062 yesterday—also called by some a religious freedom bill and others an anti-gay bill because the legislation could sanction discrimination in the name of religious freedom. The bill was first introduced Jan. 14, and was passed by the state Senate 17-13 on Feb. 19. Subsequently it passed the state House 33-27 on Feb. 20, and was luckliy vetoed on Feb. 26.

After the Arizona veto all eyes are on Georgia, where a similar bill, HB 1023, has been proposed. So far, it looks like the support for the bill is already disintegrating, but we’ll have to wait until late March, which is when the Georgia legislative session is expected to decide. If the bill gains support of the leadership in both state House and Senate there is a potential that the bill could be passed in Georgia.

Source:, Politico