Casting for the remake of the groundbreaking series, “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” and they are looking for makeover nominations!

If you know someone who deserves the makeover of a lifetime, please email with your name, contact information, a recent photo of the person you’re nominating and their story.

This time around, the iconic show heads to Georgia (within a 3-hour radius of Atlanta) in search of men who desperately need a lifestyle intervention. The Fab Five – experts in interior design, grooming, fashion, food, and culture – are ready to give some Southern men a new look….and a new outlook. They’re out to prove that confidence breeds success and they are looking for nominations! Whether he’s your brother, father, husband, colleague or a close friend, if you know a deserving man with a compelling story, we want to hear about him.

by: Dino Thompson-Sarmiento fullsizerender-1

Equality Foundation of Georgia and our community partners, I invite you to join us at our World AIDS Day 2016 art-as-advocacy eventLiving With, coming up on 12/1/2016 at Gallery 874. We are inviting a selection of illustrious Atlanta chefs to each prepare one signature, “small plate” from your business for our 200 guests. This contribution will help us bring food artistry into an event that showcases multiple other types of artistic expression around a theme that is often overlooked when we talk about HIV: Living.

About the exhibit 

Living With will be an opportunity for our community towalk into and explore the life stories of HIV+ young people in today’s Atlanta. This two-day exhibit will feature warehouse full of multi-sensory, 4-dimensionalinstallations that tell the intimate and complex stories oflife with HIV. These Living Spaces are moderninterpretations of the largest piece of folk art in history- The AIDS Memorial Quilt. 

About our HIV work

Over 53,000 Georgians are HIV+and thousands more contract HIV each year. Your support drives our HIV advocacy. Our staff works to address root causes of HIV by educating and encouraging policymakers and community leaders to leverage their power to end AIDS once and for allThis year alone, our Youth HIV Policy Advisors Program matched 25 HIV+ youth with elected officials to educate them about life with HIV and ourGeorgia HIV Advocacy Network hosted the largest HIV advocacy day in our state capitol’s history. We monitorand analyze federal, state and local HIV-related policy, communicate with advocates and train people living with to use their voices for sustainable change. We do a lot with a little. We can do even more with your help.


DJ Drew G Launches The So Cal House Sound to Gay Clubs

By Timothy Larcombe


excuse-me-bitchThe last year has been a prodigious one for DJ Drew G and his Dirty Pop brand.  In addition to procuring official remixes for some of the hottest music artists in the world including Lady Gaga and Britney Spears,  Beyoncé and Madonna personally selected Drew and his production partner Brian Cua as the official remixers for their new singles.

Their productions now play in clubs around the world. Even Tiësto has used Dirty Pop’s remixes in his live sets.

While the duo have no plans to stop their collaboration, Drew G announced last week that he is venturing out on his own to explore his latest evolution of tribal circuit, a sound he is calling SoCal House.  “I’m excited to show club fans who I really am,” he says.  “I want them to see where my passions lie, what my motivation is, what my life is like.”

We spoke with DJ Drew G to learn more.


What is So Cal House? 

Drew G:  It’s a blend of all the elements of EDM, circuit and house that I have grown to love over the years.  It’s extremely high energy.


Is Excuse Me Bitch an example?  

Drew G:  (Laughing) The song is actually my response to a nasty Facebook comment that was

made in regard to my track, “Hands off”.  There’s no reason to get in the mud when you can just make a banging track and giggle to yourself about its meaning.


What inspired your new sound?

Drew G:  The fact that so many cities have a sound.  There’s NYC House, Chicago House.  As a resident of San Diego, I figured why not create SoCalHouse?   It’s kinda cool that a lot of DJ in San Diego and Los Angeles are referring to it as their sound now.


But you’re from NYC.  Have you given up your NYC roots? 

Drew G:  There are definitely elements of NYC house in the SoCalHouse sound. I take a lot of influence from the greats that have been around long before me:  Peter (Rauhofer), Junior (Vasquez), Victor (Calderone)… all NYC house legends.


How did you get started DJing?

Drew G:  I went to see Peter Rauhofer play with a friend at Roxy in New York.  I bought all his cds the next day.


What prompted you to move out West?

Drew G:  The weather.  I hate winter and snow.


How did you meet your husband?

Drew G:  I met him on Scruff!  We met in August, 2013.  We were engaged that October.  When you know, you just know.


Does he call you his Dirty Pop?

Drew G:  (Laughing) No, but he has plenty of other embarrassing nicknames for me.


Speaking of Dirty Pop, are you still collaborating with Brian Cua on tracks? 

Drew G:  Brian and I are currently working on the next single with Daniele DeLaite from Australian Idol. It should be out by year end.


How long have you been working with Beyoncé?

Drew G:  I’ve been remixing her tracks forever but the first official remix started with “Love on Top”. Then “End of Time”, “Blow”, “711”….


What about Madonna?

Drew G:  Again, forever, but our first official remix was “Living For Love”.  It was probably the last true EDM based track Brian and I did.  After that, we started working toward the SoCalHouse sound with “Ghost Town” and “Bitch, I’m Madonna”.


What direction are you taking Drew G into?

Drew G:  I just want to continue making music.  I’m so blessed to be able to play my work for an audience. But you know, I never have expectations.  I go where life takes me.