Behind the Wheel

By Mik Hyldebrandt


Most people buy their new car with emotion and not reason. Sure, they’re loaded with all sorts of great technology and safety features, but it is the moment you slide into the seat behind the wheel that really defines if you’re in love with the vehicle or not. Here are some of the best-looking and dreamiest options out there right now – and yes, they would all make you feel just right.


MiniMini Countryman

The sizable Mini has gotten a well-deserved design overhaul which gives it a more attractive front, a tighter looking back-end, and a sexy sway to its hip. The recommended configuration is the S version with upgraded engine and horsepower and a good selection of equipment. Starts at $31,200.




LincolnLincoln Continental

Right now, Lincoln is going through a major image re-branding to lose the grandpa image – and it’s working! Their flagship Continental is a design wonder with beautiful lines and modern symmetry. We’re looking forward to what Lincoln has in store for us! The Lincoln Continental starts at $44,720.




Q5Audi Q5

As a mid-sized SUV, the Audi Q5 is at the top of the list. The new 2018 model is even better looking than its predecessor while staying true to the understated luxury credo that defines the Audi brand. The Audi Q5 starts at $41,500.




LexusLexus RC

The RC has got be one of the best-looking coupes out there right now. The styling is more provocative than most other coupes but never goes overboard. Add to that a fantastic interior, and incredible driving capabilities, and you have a winner in our book! The Lexus RC starts at $40,155.




Range RoverRange Rover Velar

This is truly a head turner! The new Velar is bound to become one of the most beautiful cars on the street. The ruggedness of the Range Rover brand has been completely shaved away to reveal a sleek and stunning ride. Starts at $49,900.




MercedesMercedes E-Class Coupe

With one of the strongest ‘coupe swoops’ that starts mid-roof and ends almost at the tail-end of the car, the new E-Class Coupe has a definite sporty edge. But true to the Mercedes brand the sportiness is wrapped in understated luxury and refinement. Starts at $58,900.


Join us, on a trip to dreamland and imagine yourself behind the wheel of this ultimate plug-in hybrid. Complete with swooping lines and scissor doors this car is an ultimate driving machine from front to back. Starts at $143,400.