Call to Arms: Burkhart’s “Family Member” Needs Our Help

berlin sylvestre


Heads up! A beloved member of the Burkhart’s crew is sick and you know what to do: Eat! (And then donate.)

Burkhart’s will be taking donations for Mrs. Cleo Dinkins, a local who’s “too shy” to ask for help on her own, according to staffers. That’s exactly why one of Atlanta’s favorite haunts is taking over. Not only did Mrs. Dinkins’ husband suffer a debilitating heart attack recently, Mrs. Dinkins has been diagnosed with a goiter (a growth on her thyroid that can cause difficulty breathing and needs to be removed immediately). On top of having to survive on a single income, Cleo and her husband will be delivered another blow when Mrs. Dinkins undergoes a thyroidectomy, rendering her unable to work for a good while. In circumstances like that, every little bit helps, and from what I gathered from the worried faces of the staff at Burkhart’s, the team is ready is rally the troops.

Cleo Dinkins, we've got your back!
Cleo Dinkins, we’ve got your back!

“We love her to pieces,” said Mary “Mama” Marsh of Mrs. Dinkins. “We’d really appreciate the help.”

“The only way I can describe her is a tiny little angel,” said another Burkhart’s staffer with a stack of fundraising handouts. “She’s not but 80 pounds and is the sweetest thing you’ve ever met. Just an angel. We’re all really worried for her.”

Burkhart’s buys most if its food at Restaurant Depot where Mrs. Dinkins works. She’s been a cleaning lady at the grocer for years and has developed a close bond with the staff of Burkhart’s. For their part, Burkhart’s is merging the Thanksgiving potluck (Yes! On Thanksgiving Day!) with the fundraiser. After you finish up with the fam, head on over for a few drinks (you’ll need them by then — you know and I know it) and, if you can spare a few, donate to a complete stranger who’s having a pretty rough time right now. (It just feels good.) Plus, you score brownie points with the folks down at Burkhart’s and that comes in handy here and there, believe you me.

If you’ve still got an appetite by the time you take a seat at the bar, remember: It doesn’t cost you a dime to eat at the potluck, but be a doll and share in the spirit of giving by donating to the Dinkins family.