Could It Be The Gayest Whopper Ever?

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Who would have thought that fast food would become one of the battlegrounds for equal rights? In 2012 Chic-fil-A stirred huge controversy when their CEO voiced his explicit anti-gay views causing both strong protests from the LGBT community and support from like-minded customers who now had a venue where they could display their anti-gay views without speaking a word and get fried chicken at the same time.

Now Burger King has entered the equality battlefield – but with an entirely different message. One of pride, support and equality instead of hate. To celebrate pride month and the San Francisco pride festival Burger King released the Proud Whopper and offered it to it’s customers. In the clip below released by Burger King you can see how people react to being offered to try the new Proud Whopper. Few voice their anti-gay views, others are almost offended, while another poses the (stereotypical) question ‘do gays even eat fast food? Really?!’ But in the spirit of pride most people decide to give the Proud Whopper a go. When people bite into the burger they talk about how it tastes different, is sweeter and better. That’s until the plot lifts and they start reading the inside of the wrapper, which says “We are all the same on the inside”. So really the Proud Whopper is just a regular whopper with a different wrapper. A little boy captures the message both eloquently and to the point by saying: “I think this wrapper means that we all have the same rights.”

When we watched the clip at FENUXE, we really felt like the girl in the video that says: “I’ve never had a burger make me cry before”…

The Proud Whopper along with the rainbow paper crown you also see several people carry in the video clip was only served at one location in San Francisco for a week during the pride festival, but we’re hoping that this ‘whopping proud happening’ will take place at even more pride festival across the country. We want a taste of that proud burger – and one of those rainbow crowns! We say well played, BK! And thanks for providing us with a shiningly positive alternative to that serving of hate from that other place.