Dino Thompson-Sarmiento, Senior Writer

As spring embraces and warms the South, folks will begin the mass exodus from their dwellings after a long and wet winter, and their need for healthy foods and refreshing cocktails will top their grocery lists.

Lucky for us, there is a new beverage that will soon be in everyone’s shopping cart. Altar Herbal Martini, the first herbal and botanical mood mixer, has arrived in the South and is making a splash. It’s a designer beverage made with organic ingredients; it is gluten-free and less than 40 calories per serving!

It is a delicious elixir to be enjoyed alone or with your favorite premium spirit. There are five unique flavors: “Aphrodisiac,” “Bliss,” “Chi,” “Chill,” and “Restore” — all made from the finest fruits, vegetables, botanicals, and spices.  They are methodically blended with the most exquisite and sacred of global teas, and then delicately layered in an herbal tonic. The collaboration with tea merchants and farmers from around the world is the key to this excellent drink.


In Atlanta, you can enjoy Altar at The St. Regis, The Glenn Hotel, and Cardamom Hill Restaurant or purchase it at Smyrna World of Beverages

You can also order online at altarco.com.

Watch this video for more on my new favorite libation:





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