Edible Chocolate Anus

By D. David Kinney

Chocolate rarely needs an introduction. From silky smooth and creamy bars to edible chocolate works of art there aren’t many forms of chocolate that shock or surprise–or at least that’s what I thought. This weekend my preconceived notions about chocolate were shattered. For better or worse let me introduce you to the infamous chocolate anus. 

These chocolate treats are handmade from scratch in the United Kingdom and come in three different flavors: meek milk, dilated dark and tight white Belgian chocolate. The design was inspired by London artist Magnus Irvin who created multi-colored chocolate anuses for an art instillation. He eventually met a business partner interested in commercializing the chocolate art and they’ve been making molded bottoms ever since. 

You can check out their full line here. Valentines Day? Let us know what you think!