By Mikkel Hyldebrandt, Fashion Director

Contrary to what many think in anti-gay circles most gays do not wear high heels. But it is a known fact that many gay men appreciate the artfulness and beauty of a high heeled shoe. So, this Fashion Faux Pas may not be directed precisely at gay men, but at the women around us. Because if there is one thing a gay will recognize immediately it is a woman who wears high heels and can’t walk in them! You probably by now have already conjured up the exact image of the type of walk ’m referring to: The legs are too bent, each shoe is plopped down heels and toe at the same time, the legs are too far apart and the rear is a little too protruding resulting in a duck-like waddling walk that is a far cry from an elegant, catty strut.

So, if one of your girlfriends is experiencing the duck waddle – or if you’re an offender yourself (time to be honest with yourself, girl!) – this is how it is done:

– Don’t bend your knees more than you would normally when walking.
– It is always heel first, but the tricky part is to shift your weight immediately. So you’re taking an actual step but walking as you would tip-toe as you shift the weight to the ball of your foot.
– Keep your legs together and place one foot slightly in front of the other.

If you are still plopping away with your butt sticking out consider these three things:

1. Adjust your size – maybe you are just not cut out for those 8 inch heels! Try two or three instead and see how you are doing.
2. Pad your shoe – maybe it is just too uncomfortable for you to walk in them so try padding the shoe. Therefore your feet will be cushioned a little.
3. Practice! – wearing your new shoes to a party? Bad idea! Practice walking in your new heels before wearing them out. This will also be a great opportunity to practice your walking style in heels.

And finally, if you just can’t get that Heidi Klum stride going, maybe you should consider wearing flats and give your heels to a break.


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