Fun Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Nico Stoerner, Staff Writer

Around this time of year you really get to know who your friends are – especially if they need something. Of course, you may actually want to get your secretary or fair-weather friend a gift, but be sure to do so tastefully and without breaking the bank. These fun stocking stuffers are of course great for everyone on your list, but most importantly they are affordable enough to buy in bulk.

-Anne Taintor
The cunning quips, irreverent interjections, and smart statements Anne Taintor uses on her products have been “Making Smart People Smile since 1985.” With a broad range of affordable gifts from flasks, to stationary, and even luggage tags – there is an item for everyone. Perfect for stocking stuffers, load up on Anne’s magnets or shot glasses. Looking to decorate a bar or kitchen? Check out her towels and melamine trays. Grabbing a little something for a co-worker? Buy some sticky notes or floaty pens. One thing is sure: The inexplicably sharp wit of Taintor’s products will have you and your loved ones laughing for a long time to come. and Brushstrokes at Ansley Mall.

-Bald Guy Greeting Cards
If you’re looking for funny, cheeky, and downright hilarious greeting cards, Bald Guy Greetings are the way to go. Offering an intelligent and witty alternative to traditional greeting cards, Bald Guy Greetings are funny cards that you will actually find funny. In fact, they literally state that “…we love it when our grandmothers give us sappy, overly sentimental cards… but we don’t want to look someone in the eye after handing them a card with pastel flowers on the front and a poem about a hummingbird inside.” What better way to celebrate the holidays and share your greetings this year than with refreshingly honest, sometimes brutal, always sarcastic, but never the less caring holiday cards? Individual $3.25 Boxed Sets $17.00 at Brushstrokes and and at Brushstrokes in Ansley Mall.

Imagine holding the whole world in your hands. Now imagine that world being beautiful, serene, and aquatic. EcoSpheres has blended art with nature with their incredible self-sustaining completely enclosed ecosystems. Living for an average of 2 – 3 years, there are some spheres whose shrimp have survived over 10 years. Providing an aesthetic, meditative, no-maintenance pet for your loved one, the EcoSphere is a great addition to any home or desk. $79 – $489

-Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds
Driven by their passion to improve performance and function of seemingly simple kitchen tools, Tovolo created these fantastic ice molds. Be a high roller with these ice spheres in your freezer. The innovative design of the mold creates a 2.” sphere, perfect to accompany your Irish Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, or Bourbon. A solid ball of ice, the sphere will melt slowly bringing out the full flavor of your beverage. Hearkening back to the bars of yesteryear, these spheres can also be frozen with fruit, rinds, and even mint for the beverage of your choice. Add a touch of class to your next beverage with these great molds. $10.95 at The Cook’s Warehouse.

-Urban Body Spa & Salon
What better way to treat yourself and your partner than to send him to the experts at Urban Body Spa & Salon for a great haircut and a spa facial? Ask for Ricardo, whose specialty is men’s cuts, if you’re looking for a new do and a style. Trying to get a holiday glow to that mug of yours? Step up to the front desk and sign up for a rejuvenating and moisturizing facial with their in house expert Lawrence for $75. With holiday specials including 25% off hair and skin products as well as tacking on an additional $25 to every $100 gift card purchased, this is a sure winner.

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