Gadget Friendly Gloves For Cold Weather

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Who would’ve thought that knitted gloves could be taken to the next level? Well, Dutch company Mujjo has done just that by creating knitted gloves with special touchscreen abilities! This means you don’t need to remove your gloves when operating your smartphone and little silicone grip dots make sure that your phone won’t slip out of your hands.

Although they were originally designed for much colder climates than Georgia (we are talking Canada, Norway and Russia here!), the recent cold weather has certainly taught me to be prepared. And when wearing gloves shouldn’t you be able to answer your phone without taking them off or having the phone slip from between your fingers?! Add in the fact that these are super stylish in knitted wool with a little strap closure and you can’t really go wrong. It’s fashion and cool gadgetry in one!

Prices range from $30-$100 and you can get them right here.