Dr. David Morris

Dr. David Morris

Dr. David Morris is a physician. “I provide both primary care and HIV+ specialty care. Our office is proud to serve the GBLT community. We have a full service practice that includes primary care, HIV care, STD screening and treatment, psychotherapy, full service pharmacy, IV infusion suite, and free HIV testing and counseling,” said Dr. Morris. He recommends that patients have a frank and honest dialogue with their doctors about their sexuality: “It is very important for patients to be open about their sexual orientation with their health care providers. This level of clarity and openness can help the physician get a better insight to the patient and his/her overall health. Issues such as mental health, depression, anxiety, fear, societal pressures, and self-worth affect general health. Sexual practices (safe vs. unsafe), fertility, sexual identity, and overall well-being are important issues to discuss openly with your medical providers. The bottom line is that your medical providers can best help you when they know the full you — all cards on the table.” Outside of his medical profession, Dr. Morris is passionate about photography: “I enjoy studying light and I enjoy seeing through new eyes. I have taken over 20 photography classes. I enjoy taking travel photos: the wild horses in Vieques, the Vienna opera house, Gaudí architecture in Barcelona, children playing in Brooklyn, the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, sunset in Charleston Bay, sailing the coast of Maine, New York City during the holidays, Seattle’s Pike Place Market and music fest, friends and families, weddings and birthdays, life celebrations, and photos of our three dachshunds.”

Dr. T. Douglas Gurley

Dr. T. Douglas GurleyDr. T. Douglas Gurley is an internal medicine physician and HIV specialist. “We treat the whole GLBT community in our practice, and the standard of care is truly different for our community. I realized this early in my profession and developed my practice to service it,” Dr. Gurley said. “Locking yourself in the medical closet is dangerous to your health. If your doctor doesn’t know you’re gay, he is not going to ask you the right questions, screen for conditions you are at risk for, and in some cases, not provide the right treatment. If your doctor does not know you are gay, he might not recommend, as we do, that you get vaccinated against HPV, the virus that causes anal cancer. Also, an anal pap smear is critical in diagnosing anal cancer and precancer. I suspect most traditional straight practices are either ignorant to this, in denial, or too afraid to speak about it.” When he’s not treating patients, Dr. Gurley enjoys the culinary arts as a decompressing and therapeutic hobby: “I always stress the importance of balancing the stress of a very busy professional life with a hobby. Hobbies that are cerebral and also incorporate your hands are especially therapeutic. This is because the hands take up more real estate of the brain than any other part of your body. My passion and hobby is cooking and cuisine. I began developing a passion for it while cooking Southern cuisine with my grandmothers in Alabama. Now my repertoire is more refined. Lucky for me, my partner is French, so I have been exposed to exquisite French cuisine and technique through our frequent travels to France. I enjoy the whole process of cooking, from developing a complex menu, executing it, and sharing it around my table with family and friends.”

Dr. Reena Gupta

Dr. Reena GuptaDr Reena Gupta is an optometrist at Ansley Eye Care who has several years’ experience comanaging LASIK surgery. “Our practice serves the gay community by making each and every person who walks through our doors feel comfortable and welcome. Located in Ansley Mall, we love the diversity of our community,” said Dr. Gupta. “It’s very important that patients are open about their sexual orientation during the exam because it allows me to tailor the treatment plan based on lifestyle needs and wants.” Besides optometry, Dr. Gupta is passionate about design. She uses this passion in her office by selecting all the frames they carry, creating a unique selection. In 2005, Dr. Gupta volunteered on a relief mission in India, where she helped tsunami survivors get their sight back.

Dr. Nedra Dodds

Dr. Nedra DoddsDr. Nedra Dodds is a former model who founded Opulence Aesthetic Medicine and serves as its medical director. “We are an aesthetic practice that does everything from skincare to cosmetic surgery,” Dr. Dodds said. “The importance of our role in the gay community is to offer medical procedures, administered by medical professionals who are concerned about the overall outcome, and your treatment as a person with respect — and no judgement — as all people are entitled to.” Dr. Dodds is passionate about the performing arts. She is an annual ticket holder of the Atlanta Opera, Atlanta Ballet, Cobb Civic Center, and multiple performances at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. Dr. Dodds is wellknown for seeing plays in their element on Broadway in New York, as well as attending Fashion Week.

Dr. John Ouderkirk

Dr. John OuderkirkDr. John Ouderkirk’s practice, Piedmont Avenue Health and Wellness, treats patients in the fields of internal medicine (general adult medicine) and the specialty care of infectious diseases, including but not limited to HIV, hepatitis, and the growing concern of HPV (and its associated cancers). “It is important for patients to be open about their sexual orientation with their doctor so that their care may be complete with all risk factors fully addressed in a non-judgmental manner. Patients may have additional risk factors not obvious to a non-informed physician,” Dr. Ouderkirk said. Outside of medicine, Dr. Ouderkirk’s interests include traveling, playing softball and other outdoor sports, white-water rafting, camping, hiking, and the occasional thrill of ziplining or simply spending time with his three dogs.

Dr. Annette Bernard

Dr. Annette BernardDr. Annette Bernard has a practice in the Old Fourth Ward that has been present in Atlanta for more than 20 years. “We have a diverse staff that helps us serve our diverse patients. We see a broad range of internal medicine patients, and care for anyone over the age of 18. Internal medicine is aptly described as ‘medicine for adults’ and includes common problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and gastrointestinal issues,” Dr. Bernard said. “In addition, we have special expertise in caring for HIV patients. Being able to care for patients with HIV, and treat all their medical issues, enhances their care. Our patients include many lesbian and transgender individuals, and we enjoy seeing GLBT and their partners. It is critical that patients feel comfortable discussing all aspects of their lives with us, so that we can care for them in the best way possible, and understand their stresses as well as their support systems.” When Dr. Bernard is outside of the medical office, she enjoys her passion for bicycling.

Dr. Patrick Coleman

Dr. Patrick ColemanDr. Patrick Coleman has practiced with Piedmont Healthcare for 19 years with special interests in HIV, diabetes, and preventive care. “The gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered patient is just like any other patient — one who wants good care and understanding from their providers,” said Dr. Coleman. “As a member of the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, I understand there are specific health concerns for this community and why it is so important patients feel comfortable enough with their doctor to be open about their sexual orientation. HIV is not the only issue that our community faces and by partnering with your doctor, you can work collectively to take control of your health.” In his spare time, Dr. Coleman enjoys running and hiking with his partner of nine years and his two dogs: Ritzie, a purebred lab, and Rosie, a purebred mutt.

Dr. Joel Rosenstock

Dr. Joel RosenstockDr. Joel Rosenstock began his career in Atlanta in the late ‘80s caring for patients infected and affected by HIV. “I have seen the care of those patients infected with the disease advance faster and further than any other disease in my career. I have grown and matured as a physician, first caring for those when we had limited resources and now helping people lead long and productive lives. Both sides of this story have been rewarding to me and I admire those in the gay community who have struggled with the illness and loved ones who have helped me help them,” Dr. Rosenstock said. “I want my patients to have a free and open relationship concerning everything that is going on in their lives, not just what medicines they are on and if they are taking them.” Dr. Rosenstock is passionate about golfing, and he’s proud of his two sons, an ecologist and a landscape architect, who he raised as a single parent. He is also a doting grandfather.

Dr. Michael Prudent

Dr. Michael PrudentDr. Michael Prudent is a psychiatrist. “It’s incredibly important that a GLBTQ patient be comfortable coming out to their health care provider, whether a family physician, OB/Gyn, surgeon, psychiatrist, or therapist,” Dr. Prudent said. “While no health care professional can know everything about any particular patient’s life, it’s imperative that there be an honest flow of information between the patient and doctor.” Dr. Prudent is passionate about his church, St. Mark United Methodist, where he has been a member since 1996. “I am so thrilled to have access to a faith community that accepts me for who I am, honors and loves our family and provides so much to the Atlanta community,” Dr. Prudent said. He is also a fan of beauty pageants: “They’re a kitschy combination of competition, fashion, and glamour. The Miss America pageant is like a sporting event for me, and I love the statistics.”

Dr. Manuel Patino

Dr. Manuel PatinoDr. Manuel Patino has practiced family medicine in the Atlanta area since 1995, primarily serving the health care needs of the LGBT community. He became interested in the treatment of HIV/AIDS when, as a resident in Birmingham, Ala., he was the only physician at the hospital willing to care for HIV positive patients. Dr. Patino has served on the Board of Directors of AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta and has authored numerous papers and participated in several major studies on the treatment of HIV/AIDS.



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