Get The Look For Less: Polos

Mikkel Hyldebrandt, Fashion Director

It can be hard to be stylish and stay on a budget – which is why every week we search for the high-end items you want and their cheaper (we didn’t say knock-offs!) siblings.

Ah, the polo shirt! The perfect morph between a casual t-shirt and a dressy shirt. Despite its name it was actually initially designed in the 19th century for playing tennis and golf. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the shirt trickled into the actual game of polo where it slowly but securely became known as the polo shirt.

Most polo shirts today still have the ‘tennis tail’, which is the longer back so when you would bend down to pick up the tennis ball, you wouldn’t expose yourself – a feature that proved perfect for horseback-riding as well.

Ralph Lauren is an American staple when it comes to polos, but often the brand is a costly affair to purchase (we recommend stocking up on basic polos at your nearest outlet mall). This classic fit polo, in a summery orange, is $85:

Ralph Lauren

This orange is almost perfectly matched to the Ralph Lauren polo and this one from St. John’s Bay is only $18:

St. John's Bay

This striped custom fit polo from Tommy Hilfiger is only $52, which isn’t that bad…

Tommy Hilfiger

… But this almost identical polo from John Ashford Shirts less than half the price of the Tommy Hilfiger at $25:

John Ashford

A polo is a great way to show your individual style so why not go a little crazy with a funky print or effect – like this watercolor print polo from Lacoste, which is $98:

Lacoste Polo

Or go for this Asos polo with a similar watercolor/galaxy print for only $31:

Asos Polo