By Dustin Shrader

Disclaimer: The following images are graphic and do not reflect the views of this publication.

ISIS has once again murdered a male citizen for being gay. The Islamic State militants threw the man off a building. The 50-something-year-old man reportedly survived the fall; however, he was then brutally stoned to death.

The new images that have emerged depict the masked terrorists blindfolding the hostage, forcing him to sit in a white plastic chair on the ledge, while his judgment was announced (accused of having a homosexual affair) before his sentence was carried out. The seven-story building in question is the highest point in the city of Raqqa, an ISIS basis point.

After hitting the ground the victim was still breathing. Men, women and children who witnessed his fall surrounded him and threw stones relentlessly until he was dead.

This is the fourth execution, ISIS has committed within the last month.

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