Russia has quickly become one of the most homophobic countries violating human rights on Earth. Russian president Vladimir Putin is receiving well deserved criticism for signing a law that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving Russian children any sort of information about homosexuality. So far, numerous gay people (or persons who are suspected or perceived as being gay) have been subject to harassment and dumbfounded violence because of the ‘gay propaganda’ law.- Reports indicate that anti-gay extremist groups have even killed homosexuals – all well within the confines of the newly passed anti-gay law.

Additional ramifications of this incomprehensible and profoundly backward law endanger tourists who display any signs of homosexual behavior or boast any symbols of a non-traditional nature. Anyone suspected of these vague crimes are subject to arrest – in fact four Dutch tourists have already felt the discriminating grasp of the law first hand by being arrested for carrying a ‘gay propaganda’ rainbow flag and allegedly promoting homosexuality to children.

All of this is occurring as Russia prepares for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Olympic Games officials initially guaranteed the protection of gay athletes, but a Russian government official recently stated that Russian federal law cannot be suspended by the Olympics. This means that gay athletes engaging in even the smallest protest or acting in a ‘gay propaganda’ way are subject to arrest and incarceration.

Critics, activists, and human rights organizations alike are blasting Russia with massive criticism and are urging governments to take immediate action. They’re also targeting Olympic corporate sponsors asking them to boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics.

An LGBT group angry with the new Russian law is sending their message to Vladimir Putin – literally! A Facebook group accurately named “Send A Dildo To Vladimir Putin” found the Russian president’s private address and is urging everyone who has a left-over or well-used sex toy lying around to send it to Putin. The protesters hope to irritate the h*** out of Putin by waving a ‘gay propaganda’ symbol in his face! Hopefully Putin understands the (not so) subtle message of telling him where to stick his anti-gay law….

Want to check out the Facebook page? You can find it here.


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