Sexy British Diver Tom Daley Comes Out

By D. David Kinney

British cutie and Olympic diving bronze medal winner Tom Daley took to YouTube Monday to come out of the closet. “This has been a hard decision to make, but I wanted you to hear this from me,” Daley wrote on his YouTube channel. The video is just over five minutes long and features the 19-year-old explaining why he is coming out now:

“Now I kind of feel ready to talk about my relationships. Come spring this year my life changed massively when I met someone. And they make me feel so happy and so safe. Everything just feels so great. And that someone is a guy. And it did take me by surprise a little bit. Um, I mean, it was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn’t until spring this year that something just clicked. It felt right,” Daley said in the video, “Of course I still fancy girls, but, I mean, right now I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier.”

Here are some videos of Tom Daley diving:

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