VIDEO: Boob-O-Meter Hits Atlanta

Dwayne Kinney, Digital Editor

Almost three years ago Amber Duncan met Ajeshia Marquez and it was love at first sight. Now the couple has decided to take their relationship to the next level and are planning a dream wedding. TLC filmed Duncan’s hunt for the perfect dress for “Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids” airing this Friday, August 2 at 9 p.m.

For their special day the couple plans to exchange vows in Puerto Rico on a beautiful rooftop terrace. Standing in their way is the daunting task of selecting Duncan’s dress and the bridesmaid dresses. The two women are stuck in a battle of form versus function. Duncan wants a strapless dress that conveys the island atmosphere of Puerto Rico; however, Marquez wants bridesmaid dresses with straps so the girls can dance easily. Now throw in the unabashedly opinionated bridesmaids and their nuptial planning grinds to a halt.

Amber and AjeshiaDuncan and Marquez handle the stress with a heavy dose of fun and even created a “Boob-o-Meter” to help them with their decision. The couple considers themselves a funny duo and are often cutting up. During an interview with FENUXE, Duncan said, “It’s going to be a really funny show with a lot of boobs.”

But, it’s not all fun and games because the dress is a powerful symbol for the lovely ladies. “The right dress makes it feel real,” Marquez explained.

Weddings are notorious for creating stress; however, Duncan and Marquez have the additional stress of not being completely out to everyone. “I have some family members that don’t even know yet. They go to church like four days a week and I know they’ll probably never talk to me again. I’m just trying to decide whether I should tell them before Friday or not. I don’t know. It’s hard,” Duncan said. Marquez has also struggled to come out and worries how people will react to seeing her love displayed on national television.

In addition to disapproving family members the two women also worry how the show will affect their careers. “We both own our own businesses so sometimes I have to be careful with that. But, I do tell people because the more people find out how normal we are the better they’ll feel about the situation. It’s not fun having to hide it. You feel a lot better when everybody knows. You can be yourself,” Duncan explained.

Despite any naysayers in their lives, Duncan and Marquez have a wonderful group of friends who are supporting their big day and their TV debut. “Our friends cannot wait. I think they may be more excited than we are,” Duncan said.

Offering advice to other same-sex couples, Duncan said, “Go for it. If you want to do it and it is something you want to experience, just do it. I’ve been so surprised at how supportive people have been. Be true to yourself. Life is too short to hold back. It is important to let yourself be happy.”

So, how will the couple watch the premiere of their episode on TLC? “We’re having a party at a friends house and have about 40 people coming over,” Duncan said.

The couple will tie the knot on October 24 of this year. “It’s the day we first met. We’re going to keep the same anniversary,” Duncan explained.