Nick Shines This Pride


The Sexy Dallas DJ Headlines District’s Pride Kick-off Party

By Doug Booth

“Despite all the negativity going on in the country currently, I am proud of how our community has become closer during this pandemic,” says Dallas DJ Nick Stracener.  He arrives to Atlanta this week to spin District’s kick-off to Pride “Shine” party on October 8th.

“This will be my first gig back at a club,” he continues.  “I’ve done a couple private socially distanced events, but nothing like what we have planned for Pride.”

To describe his current mood as excited would be an understatement. He says he has been longing to feel the energy of a dance floor full of people enjoying his music for months. 

Nick’s unique sound is best described as a combination of indigenous rhythms with lots of sultry uplifting, female vocals.  He aims to take revelers on a journey with high energy beats mixed with slow moments so that they can fully experience different emotions.  To him, circuit music is therapy.  “It is powerful and liberating and the ultimate escapism,” he explains. 

“A lot of people are going through hard times right now, mentally, and Pride will be a wonderful opportunity for our community to reach out to one another.” 

His pride message to fans this year is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. “It’s hard enough being gay in this world, especially now with how the economy is and all the other outside factors. You never know what someone is going through, and a small gesture like a “How are you?” and a “Are you alright?” shows you care and might be exactly what someone needs to hear.” 

Experience DJ Nick Stracener live when he spins District’s kick-off to Pride party on October 8th.  Tickets: $20-$35. Face shields and hand sanitizer provided and strictly enforced.  Portion of Proceeds Benefiting Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

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